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American Legion, Steedman-Keenan Post 96, Brunswick Maryland

Commander                 Bob Effler
Vice Commander:       Wayne Runkles 

Adjutant:                        Walter Routzahn

Treasure:                      James Roby & Joanne Williams

Public Affairs:              Vacant

Facilities:                      Vacant

Chaplain:                     Tom Peschke

Sgt at Arms:                Floyd Goetz

Historian:                    Bob Dozier  (SAL Commander)

Thank you for visiting Post 96's new Internet site. As an up-to-date Veteran's Organization, we want to give you the opportunity to join us and to stay in touch with our membership. We are on the go and doing good things for the our membership. community, nation and our future members and leaders.

Our post was Chartered in 1928 and on January 26, 1929 the American Legion, Steadman-Keenan Post 96 established.

If you have a question, want ot get a hold of or join contact us using one of the following: 

e-mail post96@americanlegion96.comcastbiz.net

telephone:  301-834-8121

or snail mail:  18 S. Maple Ave.  Brunswick MD. 21758

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